HOSTEL MOSTIČEK, Zbilje 47c, 1215 Zbilje

Contact: Milutin Cvetković - Tel.: 00386 30 210 900



We have 11 rooms + laundry each room has its own bathroom, TV and air conditioning, each room is newly furnished with new furniture purchased in 2018. we have 48 beds together.

The restaurant is equipped with complete equipment, security system-camera, namely 13 cameras Remote control can be viewed on the remote by the phone android also for three cash registers can be seen on the remote control traffic on the phone. 3 business PCs with a printer that enables immediate operation without investing.

The restaurant can accommodate 80 people and the restaurant is equipped with underfloor heating and radiators for city gas also equipped with a 2-climate room with a heating and cooling function, high quality sound system for the event, and LCD 150/80 TV also includes a desk table, all new chairs. The exudate garden is equipped with a new bench and tableware year 2018 and is equipped with a refrigerator for pleasant sitting in the garden.


Bar and kitchen equipped with HACCAP system and have fresh equipment since 2018, immediate operation, bar and kitchen are air-conditioned.
The reception desk was refurbished in 2018 with all BOOKING accessibility equipment and for GUEST APPLICATION. The Hostel also uses 5 HACCAP storage systems for storing drinks and food, it also has a wc and a bathroom for staff and wardrobe for the staff.

We have a complete inventory for 150 people, plates, utensils, pans, cooking utensils and all that is needed for restoration and in the kitchen, the curbs and eating utensils are not cheap, a little more expensive, bought in 2018.

The store has all the necessary technology that is, internet electricity is regulated in the new 2018l, the plumbing also works without a problem, the boiler room on the city gas, everything is done and renewed in 2018.

With all that we have stated, we have original bills. The store contains 2 car parks for 15 cars The store is currently in operation.

We sell it or we are issuing for one and only reason because it has too many jobs and we can not do it already for the year 2019 we have reservations for rooms and restaurant in the amount of at least 5000 euro.